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9 Lessons I Have Learned in My First Year of Entrepreneurship

For the last couple of years, at the end of every year, I would make a list with what I did, not to brag, but to remind myself that in 12 months amazing things can happen. Last year I embarked on an entrepreneurship journey, one that I was looking for since a very long time, and it finally happened. That’s why, I decided to share a couple of lessons that I have learned in 2016.   Its that hard to have an international team with people living in 3 / 4 different countries. It’s not impossible, as the Basecamp founders would say   Most people will tell you that working with a team you can’t ph...

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Year in Review by Date a Startup

Pfeeew, 2016 was a tough year, right? Well, we survived and we loved it in the end. We formed our team, got the first partners, made the website and got to participate at some amazing events. For this post, we analyzed every month, and brought to you our greatest achievements. And of course everything would have not been the same without having people around to support and trust us. So, here is how 2016 went for us.   PS: Before we go, happy holidays and make 2017 a blast!

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The Lean Canvas - Or How to Know Your Startup as the Back of Your Hand

In mid-November I had my first ever Date a Startup related trip after being chosen to participate at the ESAAeu Entrepreneurship Incubator in Prague. Even though the main part of the event lasted for only two days, I do have to admit it was intense. So many ideas, so much commitment to building something grand and improving our society and soooooo much more information given to us during the workshops. Now, we were around 20 startup representatives from all over the world, from Turkey, to Romania, even to Thailand or China. I’m sure that you already heard about some, and most definitely, you’l...

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Startery CEE Review

I've just came back to Bucharest after I spent some time in Warsaw where I participated in the Social Impact Labs Berlin entrepreneurship training event, sponsored by SAP. As you can image, there were tough days, full of revelations, new friendships, loads of cold (beginning of November), time spent in the airport and a little bit of party. It was quite an intense week, where I had some revelations on entrepreneurship and my experience as #ceogirl. I will try not to bore you with too many details, but heres what I have learned in the past week   How much I love my team Something that sometim...

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5 Reasons Why We Procrastinate

Hi there, Alex writing. Now, we all read read tons of articles on procrastination. Why do people procrastinate and why would you even stop doing it? Since I've started working on Date a Startup, I’ve tested quite some methods and I guess nothing worked as sometimes I’m still doing the same mistakes. Thinking of how I can change my attitude I’ve discovered 5 reasons why I procastinate: 1. I am resistant to change. I moved abroad 3 times and I changed places and people. I’ve always been afraid of change and of the thought about the rough times that are coming as part of the package. THEY SCARE M...

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My First Experience with An Intern

Hey, Alex here. Shoutout to everyone that had an intern, let me tell you how I managed when I had to guide someone for the first time. Two years ago, when I was National President of a student NGO, we receive a request from a Polish student, who wanted to come to Romania and be our intern for a couple of months. This is how I ended up managing an intern for the first time in my life. All I wanted to give in this experience is everything, or maybe the most important things I didn’t receive in my internships: responsiveness, encouragements and an action plan. I can definitely say that Anna, our...

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