Beginnings are always difficult but… How the hell I ended up wondering about the future of telecom?

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I´m in my late 20´s and “internship” is a word that, at this point, I think I have seen too many times written on my resume. Nevertheless, once again I was given the opportunity to join a company in a position where I expected small tasks, no responsibility, and the consideration of been a satellite that one day would disappear.

But this time is different… I have chosen a startup.


Hi! My name is Agueda and hopefully you will find me @DateAStartup from time to time. Here, I will tell you about my experience as an intern in LuzWavelabs, a Spanish startup that develops State-if-the-Art Technology based on #photonics, #electronics and #RF.

To give you a reference, I studied Economics, I have no dog, no boyfriend, no mortgage and I can´t consider myself a techy. Nonetheless, after a one-year-internship in Israel, I thought I knew something about “apps”. I found myself seduced by the “Startup Nation”. The high-tech ecosystem and the entrepreneurship way of life seemed easygoing and fun. So, being aware that my short career ain´t too bright and that added value is the key for future, joining a startup sounded to me as a natural step on my way to the business world.

As a result, instead of following my peers and joining a big company, betting for a proper trainer, a program to follow and a big name to add to my resume… I chose a six-people team, one single room, and a coffee machine about to break down.

Welcome to the startup world!

I started working at LWL about two months ago. I was given a computer, a mug with my initials, and more or less… that was all. “Do your magic!”- CEO said, as he put his headphones on once again.

It is said that beginnings are always difficult, but this one was kind of “expert level”· for me.

My CEO is a genius, our CTO same-same, and it seems that everybody speaks a language that I don´t know…. What the f**** i´m doing here, trying to understand the future of Telecom infrastructures? Why I´m wondering about photonics and the uses of light in aerospace industry? I studied balance of payments and GDP equations, not bandwidth and lengthwave…. Something might be wrong…

At the beginning, it looked to me that the startup world was just for programmers, IT guys and developers. But non-techy profiles have a key role too. Good lawyers to shield the technology; communication experts to contact key partners; a salesforce to get revenue as soon as possible….

It doesn’t matter if you plan to become a big company, part of Google, or sell the startup to a third party and live like a millionaire. Your core team will need some support. Some support to put your startup on the map. You will need someone to communicate what you do around the world. Someone able to show your idea beyond the walls of your lab, capable to speak “investor-language”, “costumers-language”, “suppliers-language”, etc.

As an economist, I joined Luz Wavelabs team as a Business Developer, and I never found myself in a situation like this. Hopefully, I joined a startup. I have no trainer and there´s not a manual that I can come to. Every time I have a question, I ask our CEO and we try to figure out the right answer… Being part of a startup is a great opportunity to learn and grow, because, we are all learning at the same time. I started as an intern and as an expert in my field. My opinion and knowledge are appreciated and required. This is not a big company with old experienced workers, so… we will have to trust each other.

As a result, for the next few months, we will be learning by doing and fighting at the same time, trying to do our best on our common ground, Luz Wavelabs. In addition, from time to time, I will share this experience with you through @DateAStartUp so that we can all learn and discuss the ideas and knowledge that this one year internship is providing me. Hope to see you soon around here!



Agueda Quintáns:

Agueda Quintáns holds an Economy degree by the University of A Coruña (Spain), and she completed her studies taking a postgraduate MBA course, with the aim of focusing the acquired knowledge on the business ecosystem. She developed her competences in International Trade through an ICEX scholarship, that allowed her to work as a foreign trade officer within the network of the Spanish Economic and Commercial Offices abroad. During her professional career, she has worked for different entities at Communication and Content Management Departments, acquiring additional skills within these specialties. She loves photography, dance and collages but, unfortunately, she doesn’t know how to use scissors properly.


Luz Wavelabs:

Luz Wavelabs is a Spanish startup focused in the development of reliable and high- quality systems for the Terahertz (THz) and Photonics regions. The core technology of the company is pure/, a signal generation technology that combines RF, electronics and photonics and achieves simultaneously the advantages of both electronic multiplication and photonic downconversion. Wireless communications are increasingly made with higher frequency and transport large amount of data. Luz Wavelabs’s solutions comply with these requirements, allowing covering all the data channels in a same transceiver and bringing the bandwidth of optical communications to wireless communications.