Dating Tips You Can Use for Interviews

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Last week we discussed about the campaigns recruitment companies had during Valentine’s Day. But as we were saying in our previous blog post, half of our team is celebrating twice (it's called Dragobete for the Romanian crowd). And because love is still in the air, we will share some of the lessons we learned from dating that can be put into practice when hunting for jobs.

What do dating and interviews have in common you might ask. Well, the idea is simple, for interviews, you have to introduce yourself in the most appropriate manner, show why you are the fittest, or learn as much as possible about the other person. And what is the closest thing to this? Yes dating. So, here are our tips:


  •  Be on time

Unless your bus lost a wheel on the way, or there was a power loss in the entire region causing your tram or metro to stop in the middle of nowhere, there is no point for you to be late. Especially in the business world, time means money. Nobody enjoys wasting money while waiting for someone else. Being late usually leaves a bad impression, even before you introduce yourself.


  • Dress appropriately 

Just like for a normal date, you dress to impress. Even before revealing your wonderful personality, you reveal your looks. Having stains of food on your clothes, revealing too much, or even wearing the 5 years old hoodie you bought in a fair will not impress your interviewer.


  • Get the introduction right

They say it takes about 7 seconds for someone to make a first impression and to decide if they like you or not. That’s why once you step in that door, give a firm handshake, smile, make eye contact and look confident. Keep in mind, your body language can depict how the interview goes.


  • Show interest in the interviewer

This goes the same as when you like a girl/boy. You will look for info about the favourite movies, music, places to hang out or books. Treat the company you are applying for as your current dream significant other. If you are attracted to the offered job, don’t hesitate to see what is the company’s mission in the world, what are their most valuable projects, and ask questions. The more info you appear to know and the more questions you put, the more dedication you show.


  • Don’t badmouth and don’t be negative

As a rule going in the professional world, it’s not the best option to gossip about someone. You are putting others in a bad light and not allowing them to defend themselves. Also, if they are not work related, the best option is to leave your problems at home. A working place is a spot where people spend most of their day. They want to make it happy, relaxed and enjoyable, so the last thing needed is a colleague who can’t be happy about anything and would not stop gossiping.


  • Ask for a second date

Well, you liked each other, you had plenty to talk about and now what?  Don’t be shy, and ask for a second meeting, as your interest will be further appreciated. Also, don’t forget to do a follow up via mail after the first interview.


So, these are our tips for this week of love. Let us know if you implemented them and how did they work!


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