Get Ready to Apply through Facebook

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In February, Facebook announced they started rolling out a new feature, Facebook Jobs. This is focused on aiding small businesses tin filling up their vacancies faster and with less of a hassle. Page admins can do everything through their Business Pages, via the ‘JOB’ bookmark and the announcements are valid for 30 days. To apply, you can write your cover letter in the form of a normal message. What will be made available is your public profile.

And this means great news. On LinkedIn you find jobs coming from companies with a big enough HR budget available for higher educated people. There is not so much room for SMEs and startups. There is also the option of going for one of the dedicated recruitment platforms. The advantage is that they are a bit more focused around a certain domain, professional experience or region. But, imagine if you could apply to all the jobs you find interesting without having to make an account on each platform! What Facebook offers now is a common market for small companies, platforms and applicants to showcase their offers while ensuring the recruitment process remains smooth. Before we all get super excited about this feature, you should know it’s currently available only in the US and Canada. But don’t get sad because this gives us more time to brush off our profiles.

Now, even though Facebook started off as a communication platform where you could get in touch with old friends, lately it’s getting a more professional touch, especially since there are about 60 million company pages. It became a sort of meeting place between people and businesses. And by meeting place we mean that businesses will check you out, even more after the new feature will be available globally.

Now the question arises, how do we make your profiles clean enough for a potential employer to like it, while still keeping it personal. For this, we gathered a couple of pieces of advice.

  1. Don't show too much with your profile and cover pictures: yes, after one year of training you look amazing and you want to show it off.Also, the party you had two weeks ago left you with such great memories that you want to publicly let others know you had an amazing time. These two images are the first things related to you that anyone can see. Don’t give others the wrong impression. Try to imagine that your public profile is a part of your brand. You expect from companies to have sharp images, and so should you. Plus, be playful and use your imagination.
  2. Fill in the About section: for this part, the safest way is to keep it similar to LinkedIn. It’s important to have filled in your education and your work fields. And if you add your volunteering experience, it’s even better. Don’t forget to add links to your other public profiles such as your portfolio for the contact and basic info. As for political and religious views, it’s highly recommended to keep them only for your friends as it might scare off any potential employers.
  3. Look at your older posts and check their privacy settings: remember two years ago when you went to that festival where your friend took a picture after that big storm washed away half of your tent? Well, that picture is now online and while you might be laughing about it now, your possible employer might not be impressed. That’s why it’s important to not keep those images public. Sure, you don’t have to delete them, just make them available only for your online friends. Got to your settings button and then to privacy checkup. An easy trick is to use lists when determining who is going to see a post or not. When adding a status update, check who you want to see your post.
  4. Put an intro: before having a conversation, wouldn’t you like to know more about the person with whom you’re talking? That’s why we have intro section. Try to describe in a couple of words who you are and which are your goals on a professional and personal level. You only have 100 characters, so take advantage of them.


With more and more people making their lives public online, it’s becoming important to be selective when deciding to which groups you make your life public. And now that you will be able to apply directly via Facebook, having a polished profile can make the difference between you getting or not that position.

P.S.: We can’t wait for the job feature to be available in Europe so we can give it a try and share with you what we’ve learned!