Learn more about our internship program. How does it works for interns

You can apply for the program if you are are looking for a different kind of internship.
You can register on the website and apply for the internship that you like best. We take care of everything from there.
Depending on your activity field and your interests, we are doing our best to find a suitable match for you, therefore we expect the matching process to take between 2-3 weeks tops.
You are going to be in touch with one of our team members, who will take good care of you, understand your needs and make sure you get the perfect intern/ startup to work with. We have 24/ 7 service so you can always get back to us and ask questions, advice, help or give feedback.
A knowledge tracking system is a plan that is developed for the intern and together with her/him, and that is meant to point steps through which the person who is doing an internship needs to go through in order to recognize a professional development during their traineeship.
Together with us, the intern and the startup representative will work on the knowledge tracking system, because each person is different, wants to learn different things, has a different timeline, etc.
The program is free for interns.

Learning enhancement

We are not just a platform with internships, but we are looking to develop a knowledge tracking system for each and one of the young professionals doing an internship, as well as develop a mentorship program for those willing to get invested in one.

Great companies to work for

We are not focused on getting any kind of internship, but rather valuable ones, where people can learn something by the end of it. We are choosing to place trainees in startups/ medium size companies, because they have a very fast paced environment and the learning curve can be fast paced.

Recognized internships

We are looking to invest in the professional education of students/ fresh grads and give them incentives to give 100 % in their internship. This means that their internship will have to be paid or recognized.

We are checking each and one of the profiles registered on the platform and we want to ensure you are getting a placement in a company. We are going to make an assessment of your profile and based on our possibilities we are going to do our best to match you with a company.
We are currently working on developing a system, as well as partnering with organisations that are recognising the skills young professionals get after the internship is due.

Do you need more information?

Get in touch with us, out team will be happy to answer any question that you have

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