Your Intern Match

Getting a great intern is a hard job: from understanding what position you need to fill, to launching a call and recruiting. Let us handle all of this. You can now sit down, relax, while we take care of everything for you.


What’s in it for you?

Innovative minds

If you feel stuck or maybe you need fresh ideas, your new interns can be your solution. They are creative, determined and eager to learn.

Personalized recruitment

As we understand how hard it is to find great talented people, we will take this job from your shoulders and bring the best people to fit your vacant positions.

Promote your company & your values

Getting an intern doesn’t have to stop there. You can now promote your intern’s story on our blog, so that everybody can learn about how cool and education oriented you are.

Are you conviced?

Start looking for your perfect intern!

How does this work?

How it works?

Recruit: We like to work with people that have an open mind and share the same values like us.

Consult: We are here to listen to you, understand your needs and what you are looking for.

Match: After having had all these discussions we will start the matching process and its development.

Follow up: During and after the matching, we are going to constantly be in touch with the startups and interns to see how their collaboration is going and if the goals have been archived.

Still not convinced?

Check out our FAQ page and learn more about how it works!